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If you’re pregnant and desire exceptional obstetrical care, turn to the OB/GYN experts at Mesbah OB/GYN in Garden City, New York. We offer quality pregnancy care to give you and your unborn baby the best chance of a healthy pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Call the office to learn more or schedule an appointment online today.

serving Garden City, Mineola, East Meadow, Levittown, Long Island, NY, and the surrounding areas

What is pregnancy care?

Pregnancy care at Mesbah OB/GYN includes medical monitoring, diagnosis, and treatment if needed during the time you’re pregnant. The practice also offers preconception planning for a healthy pregnancy and a higher chance of conceiving.

Which pregnancy services are available?

Some of the pregnancy services available at Mesbah OB/GYN include:

  • Preconception planning
  • Family planning
  • High-risk pregnancy care
  • Low-risk pregnancy care
  • Disease screening
  • Fetal heartbeat monitoring
  • Prenatal testing
  • On-site ultrasounds
  • Disease management
  • Labor and delivery services
  • Lactation consulting
  • Health education 

The Mesbah OB/GYN team personalizes each pregnancy care visit to match your needs, medical history, lifestyle, and preferences. 

What should I expect during prenatal visits?

During pregnancy visits at Mesbah OB/GYN, you can expect:

Vital signs check

When you arrive at Mesbah OB/GYN for a prenatal visit, friendly providers weigh you and check your blood pressure, pulse, and other vital signs.

Medical history review

Mesbah OB/GYN specialists review your medical history. They ask about your personal and family histories of disease, any symptoms you have, medications or dietary supplements you take, and your lifestyle habits.

Physical exam

Your obstetrics provider completes a physical exam, including a pelvic exam and Pap test if needed. They evaluate your abdomen and might listen to your baby’s heartbeat.

Diagnostic tests

Diagnostic tests you may need include urine tests, blood testing, vaginal or abdominal ultrasounds, disease screening, or prenatal testing. 

Treatment if needed

If you need treatment to manage an illness or disease and reduce the risk of pregnancy complications, the experts at Mesbah OB/GYN can help. They offer cutting-edge technologies and procedures to enhance your health and your baby’s. 

Health education

The Mesbah OB/GYN specialists offer health and wellness education regarding prenatal supplements, nutrition and exercise plans, and tips that boost your chance of a healthy pregnancy.

When should I schedule pregnancy appointments?

Unless your pregnancy is classified as high risk, schedule pregnancy appointments at Mesbah OB/GYN once monthly during the first part of your pregnancy, followed by twice-a-month and weekly appointments as you approach your due date. 

Call the Mesbah OB/GYN office any time you experience new or unusual symptoms during pregnancy, such as decreased fetal movement, bleeding, or pelvic pain. 

To schedule your next pregnancy care appointment at Mesbah OB/GYN, call the office, or book an appointment online today.